Why the Latisse can make your eyelash growth

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Why the Latisse can make your eyelash growth

Post  Admin on Mon May 03, 2010 1:02 am

The Latisse in Sunnyvale, in late January or early February in U.S. sales (3.5-ounce), 30 days dosage prescription for $120 pack retail price below coequal dosage, the horse with other ingredients (than) ophthalmic drugs Lumigan.

Latisse in Sunnyvale eyelash growth agents is the world's first obtain the FDA licensing eyelash growth hairdressing drug. Allergan company expects the drugs can reach the highest annual sales of $5 million. Because the key technologies related Allergan has exclusive worldwide patent, so Latisse in Sunnyvale is likely to become the after another beautiful Botox let drugs "myth".

Latisse in Sunnyvale eyelash fluid bimatroprost effective ingredients, is a central nervous inhibitors, was originally used to heal glaucoma Allergan company Lumigan prescription of effective component. Lumigan users find it can promote the growth of eyelash, so Latisse in Sunnyvale effects, thin wool to heal eyelid. Latisse in Sunnyvale is a structure similar compounds, prostaglandins, and can be used to capture the fatty acids with prostaglandin receptors, these receptors on the hair, and the distribution in the hair follicle development and growth.

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