What’s the Wrinkle reduction effects for injecting Botox

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What’s the Wrinkle reduction effects for injecting Botox

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Botox in san francisco injection has certain except knit cosmetic contraindications, mainly divides into the absolute and relative contraindications contraindications to two. All of the patients are allergic Botox in san franciscoinjection, cannot use the kitchen, pregnant women are infected, lactation, the effect of the fantasy is unrealistic after patients and mental patients, were never can inject this drug. And those with relative contraindications neurological diseases, and clotting muscle disease or facial expression muscle activity of excessive activity, also had better not injected with the drug. Botox injection and preparation before four weeks amino sugar used aspirin or drugs, glucoside nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs also must use property, after doctors in the arrangement is to inject the drug.

Botox in san francisco except knit cosmetic treatments dynamic wrinkles only a temporary solution [1] BOTOX, cosmetic effect in 4-6 months can often maintain Botox in san francisco except knit cosmetic, therefore, must be injected 2-3 times a year. General BOTOX injections twice a year except knit hairdressing cosmetic, except the first time Botox in san francisco remain in four months, again will inject time keeping 6-8 months. Except knit cosmetic Botox in san francisco injections, keep repeatable prolonged.

Botox in san Francisco except knit cosmetic safe, rapid, trauma, don't need to have a rest. Botox in san francisco except knit cosmetic does not affect the work, the effect is accurate.

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